Friday, November 11, 2016

Presidential Vote Spreadsheet

Get out your bookmarks. I've created a spreadsheet with the Presidential vote. This has been updated by checking the vote totals from the state elections divisions’ pages. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of states that don’t put their vote totals on the elections’ page. I assume they wait until the election is certified. So some of these states still have the election night numbers. Thus, I can't promise that this page will be 100% up to the moment everywhere but that it will be updated when I can.

We passed 127 million votes today. There have been nearly 4 million ballots counted since Tuesday night. We’ll pass 2012 some time early next week and the final tally will be larger than 2008. Right now Hillary Clinton leads by more than 400k votes, 0.3%. I anticipate that lead growing bigger, as California and Washington have a lot of outstanding ballots.

I'll update the House of Representatives page as more ballots are counted.

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