Wednesday, November 9, 2016

First Wednesday Morning Thoughts

I've been saying for months Donald Trump could win because this is a deeply divided country ant that the Democrats were running a candidate as unpopular as Hillary Clinton. Most people dismissed that idea and predicted a big win for Clinton. I didn't think Trump would win but never dismissed the possibility he could win.

I'm most disappointed that some of my friends on Facebook have expressed such in intense level of hatred. That scares me and maybe says something about me. America will survive. We've survived every President up until now.

Can we finally do away with the idea that Democrats will win every election from now on and that "demographics are destiny?" We should probably wait until Democrats start winning Presidential and mid-term elections before we decide that's happening. I doubt Democrats will take the lesson they should from this election, "stop telling white people they're deplorable." They keep losing votes by alienating white voters.

Republicans appear to have done better in California than I thought but still could lose a few in the after election day counting. Yet their performance, compared to Republicans elsewhere, is disappointing.

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