Sunday, November 27, 2016

OC Registrar of Voters Responds Inaccurately

The Orange County Registrar of Voters has responded to suggestions of irregularities. It's full of inaccurate information and addresses the wrong issue. They assume the issue is turnout percentage but I think Jim Brulte is talking about the number of voters. Currently nationwide turnout is 4.3% higher than 2012, California turnout is 1.9% higher than 2012, and Orange County turnout is 5.0% higher. These numbers should grow some as more ballots are counted but nationwide won't hit 6% higher and California will probably be 7-8% higher. If all remaining Orange County ballots are valid they'll be up 9%. Of course SD-29 will go up too.

As of now SD-29 currently has 10% more ballots than 2012, twice the percentage of the county as a whole, and five times the percentage of the state. I assume part of the reason the county is higher than the state is because of the additional ballots in SD-29. I have no idea what the numbers are precinct by precinct by Jim Brulte is reporting that the number of ballots is up 30% in some precincts.

I'm not suggesting there's fraud, but it'd be really odd if there were precincts with 30% more votes in a state with 2% more votes. And really I just prefer people use accurate data.

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