Thursday, August 20, 2015

Months of Quiet

I haven't updated in several months because there hasn't been much of anything to write about. Sure, there's the Presidential race but I'm not sure I could provide any more insight on Donald Trump and the Republican field than you've read elsewhere. Trump's support is mostly personality driven, with only the hardcore anti-immigration crowd latching on to him for ideology. People who like Donald Trump aren't going to decide on their candidate based on his stance on abortion or healthcare. The Hillary Clinton email scandal won't go away, mostly because the FBI is investigating. When the FBI does that, they're slow and methodical but they're looking for criminal behavior. Whether Clinton is eventually guilty of anything might be irrelevant, because there might not be a resolution until sometime next year. It could really damage her candidacy.

There isn't much to report where I usually report, California. There are a few candidates running but nothing is happening in the campaigns now. There's not much to preview and I'm going to wait until we know who is running to take a big look at the campaigns.