Sunday, October 19, 2014

CA SD-28: Democrats will support Jeff Stone

Due to California's top two the two candidates vying for the Riverside county state senate seat, former assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia and Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone, are both Republicans. So who will Democrats support? Jeff Stone, who is the more conservative candidate. Why?
But Murrieta Change’s reasoning is that Stone’s election would open up a vacancy on the county Board of Supervisors that Gov. Jerry Brown could fill with a fellow Democrat. The governor by law has the power to appoint interim supervisors.
I guess if you're trying to find a silver lining that is one, but Stone's 3rd is a bad choice. Barack Obama won all the Riverside supervisor districts except the 3rd. He got creamed there. Not that the Democrats did well in the actual supervisor elections. They didn't run a candidate in the 2nd and lost the 3rd, 4th, and 5th in their last elections by 32, 14, and 33. The 1st did have Democrat turned independent Bob Buster in office for 20 years but he lost a close race in 2012. I assume they'll try for this one in 2016. If Democrats get the 3rd, they'll hold it until the next election. That's not much of a win.

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