Thursday, October 16, 2014

CA-52: Poll finds controversy hurts DeMaio

KGTV and UT San Diego have done a Survey USA poll on the DeMaio controversy. Strangely, they only surveyed adults and never ask the election question. That'd make sense if DeMaio were a current elected official because we'd want to know if it's hurt his approval ratings. DeMaio isn't. He's a candidate. The only people who matter now are the voters. We're less than three weeks from an election and the question most want to know is whether this hurts DeMaio with the voters. Unfortunately, they don't ask anyone who they'll vote for. Obviously the controversy does hurt his image with some people, but the question is whether it hurts it with voters and whether they'll vote for him. DeMaio has a 34%/38% favorable/unfavorable rating with adults. I wonder how that is with voters and how it compares to Scott Peters. Someone should do a poll.

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