Tuesday, October 28, 2014

CA-24 may actually be competitive

The DCCC is putting some last minute money into CA-24 to help Lois Capps.
Some Democrats, for example, have begun to worry about the prospects of California Rep. Lois Capps... the DCCC is making a last-minute purchase of $99,000 worth of radio advertising in the Santa Barbara area to boost Capps, according to a committee aide.
I don't know why the DCCC is putting money into the district, but I'd expect them to be professional enough that they aren't reacting to Chris Mitchum's internal poll. If that were all it took, Republicans would be happy to put out internals showing close races in 100 more districts. That said, VBMs should have them a little worried, but I also assume they've polled this race themselves. This morning I was cautious about positive VBM returns for the GOP, but this is a sign that there may something more than Republican wishful thinking in some of these districts.

Capps had $1,072,500 COH on September 30 and $736,206 on October 15. In a race where her opponent has spent $302,214 the entire cycle, she shouldn't need DCCC help. If she can't get re-elected with that money in the bank, another $99,000 won't help. If the DCCC is looking to help a California incumbent who could be in trouble, they should really be getting behind John Garamendi. He's cash poor and Dan Logue has already put $785,050 of his own money in. If Logue thinks he has a chance, he'll be putting more in.

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