Thursday, June 19, 2014

Other Write-ins Who Qualified

Besides Kevin McCarthy there were other candidates who didn't have a primary opponent, but who will face off against a candidate who was a write-in on the June ballot.

CA-44 - LA County hasn't released any write-in vote numbers but Adam Shbeita, a Peace and Freedom candidate, was the only write-in. So he'll run against Democrat Janice Hahn.

SD-16 - Republican Jean Fuller will face Democrat Ruth Musser-Lopez, who she beat 79,231 to 717. It'll be closer in November, but Musser-Lopez won't win.

SD-22 - Again no LA County numbers but Republican Mark Rodriguez is the only write-in against Democrat Ed Hernandez. Hernandez is safe.

SD-36 - I don't have the final vote numbers but preliminary numbers show Democrat Gary Kephart got 163 votes and will face Republican Patricia Bates. Bates is safe.

AD-5 - I don't have the votes for all counties in this district, but Libertarian Patrick Hogan got at least 1,573 votes. Republican Frank Bigelow is safe.

AD-14 - Democrat Susan Bonilla had two write-in opponents. They combined for at least 2,162 votes. Contra Costa and Solano Counties haven't released who got the write-in votes. Neither poses a threat to Bonilla.

AD-21 - Republican Jack Mobley got 2,769 votes, 10% of the vote total. Clearly, someone was pushing his write-in candidacy. It overlaps CA-10, CA-16, and is in SD-12, all districts Republicans did very well in during the primary. This is Swearengin country. I'll cover this in my assembly review, but you shouldn't dismiss Mobley's candidacy just because he's a write-in.

AD-31 - Democrat Henry Perea will face NPP Walter Villarreal in November. This is also Swearengin country, but since Villarreal won't have the Republican party behind him, Perea has nothing to worry about.

AD-41 - The bulk of the district is in LA County, which hasn't tallied their write-ins. In San Bernardino county Republican Samuel Forsen led Republican Linda Hazelton 97 votes to 34. While that would seem to be a good indicator that Forsen will finish second, San Bernardino is less than 20% of the district. No matter who the opponent is, Democrat Chris Holden is safe.

AD-51 - Republican Stephen Smith is the only write-in against Democrat Jimmy Gomez. Gomez is safe.

AD-60 - Republican Eric Linder occupies one of three Republican districts Barack Obama won in 2012. So it was surprising when no Democrat qualified for the primary ballot. Two did run as write-ins. The candidate the Democratic party preferred Oliver Unaka lost to fellow Democrat Ken Park 144 to 118. I'll hit on this in my assembly write-up.

AD-67 - Democrat Conrad Melton's 58 votes makes him Republican Melissa Melendez's November opponent. Melendez is safe.

AD-75 - Democrat Nicholas Shestople's 131 votes make her Republican Marie Waldron's November opponent. Waldron is safe.

AD-76 - The San Diego numbers aren't final, but their preliminary numbers showed Thomas Krouse, the write-in, getting 4 votes. Even with that few, he'll qualify to challenge fellow Republican Rocky Chavez. Chavez is safe.

AD-79 - George Williams, an AI, had all of 10 votes in San Diego's preliminary numbers. He'll take on Democrat Shirley Weber. Weber is safe.

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