Wednesday, June 11, 2014

California Controller Count

Democratic Assembly Speaker John Perez is ahead of BoE member Betty Yee by 1,128 in the official count. It's actually around 450, as I have 7 counties who have more updated results but have yet to transmit those to the SoS.There are, however, around 300,000 uncounted ballots. Many of these are provisional. Some of these are thrown out because they are people who may have already voted VBM or not actually registered at the precinct they went to. This means it's difficult to accurately predict results. According to the Secretary of State, Sacramento county has the biggest number of outstanding ballots and will give an update today. Yee has done well here and could gain over 2,000 votes when all the ballots are counted there. There are also enough ballots to be counted in Bay area counties that I think Yee will finish second by around 4,000 votes.

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