Friday, June 13, 2014

CA-31: Aguilar Finishes Second by 209 Votes

The drama of CA-31 is over. Well, probably. CA-31 was the biggest California disappointment in 2012 because they didn't have a candidate make Top Two. It was in question whether it'd happen again. The final results are in and Leslie Gooch, who was trailing Pete Aguilar by 181 votes, lost to Aguilar by 209. The difference is 0.4%, 17.4%-17.0%. There will be a Democratic candidate in November. Unless... Gooch can ask for a recount after the election is certified in July, but she has to pay for it unless she reverses the results. The cost of a recount is somewhere around $6,000 a day. I doubt it'd take that long. The NRCC should foot the bill for one. They have a lot to gain and little to lose.

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