Tuesday, June 10, 2014

David Kanuth and why money isn't everything

LA Weekly weighs in the perplexing 1.4% Democrat David Kanuth got in CA-33 despite raising over $900k. While Democrats seem to think the person who spends the most wins, that isn't the case. Money can help win an election if your opponents either don't have it and/or are unknown too. But Kanuth ran into the tripled whammy of running in a district where his opponents had money. were better known, and could do their own GOTV operation. People knew Ted Lieu, Wendy Greuel, and Matt Miller. They even knew Marianne Williamson, if not from politics. I'm sure that Lieu and Greuel had GOTV operations and that Miller and Williamson did too. I'm thinking Kanuth didn't or if he did, he was just knocking on the same doors that Lieu and Greuel's people already knocked on. And they'd given the voter a compelling reason to vote for them. Kanuth didn't have one.

This district is a sharp contrast to the similarly Democratic open seat a few miles to the east. In CA-35 all four Democrats on the ballot got at least 8% of the vote. Combined they all raised around 15% of what Kanuth raised. Sure, Norma Torres is a well known state senator, but she didn't put on the campaign Greuel or Lieu did. She didn't need to. I think Kanuth would've finished Top Two in CA-35.

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