Friday, July 6, 2012

HSR passes California senate 21-16

I'm not sure of the exact roll call vote, since three Democrats Joe Simitian, Mark DeSaulnier, and Alan Lowenthal reportedly voted against it. It got 19 votes initially before Roderick Wright and Gloria Negrete McLeod provided the last two votes. Negrete McLeod cost herself the Republican vote in November and seals Joe Baca's re-election. All Baca has to do is send a mailer to every Republican in his district that Negrete McLeod was the decisive vote for HSR. He gets at least 70% of the Republican vote.

I'm going to be dispassionate about this, but the senate voted to spend money we don't have on a project that won't ever be finished because they won't come up with the rest of the money. I guess we can increase the Cal State and UC tuition costs to pay off these bonds. Maybe lay off some teachers.

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