Thursday, June 7, 2012

CA-30: Berman v. Sherman Results

I was wrong and kind of wrong. I was wrong in my assumption that no amount of money could get Republicans to vote for a Democrat. Clearly there is an amount and it’s somewhere in the multi-millions. I thought Howard Berman had a 50-50 shot at advancing. I just thought he would if the Republicans split the vote. Which they did. I just didn’t think Howard Berman would be splitting it with them. From a Republican point-of-view, it’s a good thing when two Democrats going at each other through November.

Republicans should be at least 30% of the electorate in the fall. And this time there’s no Republican to take their vote. Both Sherman and Berman will need to go after them. I’m excited to hear the words “The special guest speaker tonight at the San Fernando Valley Republican Club is… Howard Berman.” I can’t imagine that appeal.

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