Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CA-10 Prediction

I'm leaving to vote in a few minutes, but I'll share my thoughts first.

The Auburn Journal makes the ballsy pick of Chad Condit finishing first. Condit has raised only $45k, which is tiny compared to Democrat Jose Hernandez and Republican incumbent Jeff Denham. Others are more optimistic about NPP candidates than I am. Republicans and Democrats have returned 87% of the ballots thus far. There aren't enough independents voting to get Condit into Top Two. I'm assuming that since Condit's father was a Democrat, he likely has a share of Democrats who'll be sympathetic to him. For Condit to advance he'll have to take a good share of the Democratic vote. I don't see him stealing Republicans from Congressman Jeff Denham.

People vote party. I don't see it differently today. The Auburn Journal does.

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