Friday, July 26, 2013

Carl DeMaio for San Diego Mayor?

The ugly sexual harassment escapades of Bob Filner have, of course, led to speculation that he'll resign and what'd happen in a special election subsequently. Roll Call speculates Carl DeMaio, currently running for congress, could run. Coincidentally, Kevin McCarthy is in San Diego today for a fundraising luncheon for Carl DeMaio. What do you think they're talking about?

DeMaio could be faced with a choice, albeit an enticing one. He could quit his run for congress and run for mayor. SurveyUSA has him slaughtering all opponents except Nathan Fletcher, who he's running even with. Fletcher seems almost certain to run. So this could be a 50-50 thing. If he were to lose, then he could go back to the congressional race. The optics on doing that are awful and likely would lead to a loss.

Or he could remain in the congressional race, where previous polling has shown DeMaio will give Scott Peters a difficult race.

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