Thursday, July 18, 2013

California House Fundraising Update Part 2

CA-17 - In the last two elections, Mike Honda raised less than $900k in each. He's already at $567k. Ro Khanna has raised $1,066k and now has $1,745 cash on hand. This is going to be a bruising race. Honda is no Pete Stark, but he shouldn't underestimate the public's desire for someone new. Khanna will get his message out.

CA-21 - David Valadao has no Democratic opponent, so it's difficult to call $464k raised so far low.

CA-24 - Lois Capps doesn't have a Republican challenger yet, but she does have a Democratic challenger. Paul Coyne has raised only $31k and had $642 cash on hand at the end of the quarter. Capps has raised $456k and it's almost as if she has the same opponent as Valadao.

CA-25 - Buck McKeon's $209k in fundraising is low for someone running for re-election, which will certainly bring further retirement rumors. Lee Rogers did surprisingly well against McKeon in 2012, leading Democrats to get excited about possibly winning the seat in 2014. Rogers is running again, but he's raised $202. That's not $202k. It's $202. Rogers didn't raise a lot in the last cycle, but this is hardly the fundraising of someone who's actually trying.

CA-26 - Julia Brownley has raised $507k. Tony Strickland has raised $349k. Whether Strickland is actually challenging Brownley is unknown, but that depends on what McKeon does. If McKeon retires, others are expected to get into CA-25 and CA-26 races. None has so far and they haven't raised any money yet.

CA-31 - Gary Miller's fundraising this year is at $316k, most of which are from PACs friendly to Miller. If Miller want to win re-election, he'll have to pick up the fundraising. His chief Democratic rival Pete Aguilar isn't slacking off. He's already raised $302k. Fellow Democrat Eloise Gomez Reyes has raised $204k, although half of that has come from the candidate. Of course, if you just take her contributions from individuals, she still leads former congressman Joe Baca, who has only raised $56k. Baca isn't in office. What is he doing if he's not raising money? Finally, Democrat Danny Tillman has only raised $6.7k. While that doesn't sound like much, Renea Wickman raised only $27k the whole cycle in 2012 and she got 6% of the primary vote.

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