Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Republican "problems" with women and young voters

Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report has jumped on the Republican "problems" bandwagon.
Will Republican problems from 2012 simply persist into 2014? Is it possible that the Republican brand remains damaged among minority, women, and self-described moderate voters, and that the strongest GOP contenders decline to run in key races (or if they do choose to run, that they still won’t win their primaries)?
If Charlie was reading this blog, maybe he wouldn't have written that. Romney won White 18-29 year olds 51%-44%. He won White women 56%-42%. House Republicans did 3.5% better than Romney, so the GOP won both of these groups by at least 10%. And this was in a year the GOP lost. 2010 was even better. The only reason Republicans appear to have a problem with these women and the youth vote is that they didn't win them by enough to counteract minority women and youth.

Republicans do have a problem with minority voters, but not with women or the youth vote.

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