Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Moorlach in CA-45

Jon Fleischman can remind any Republican in California that no matter how well connected with think we are, we're really not that well connected. Candidates call him. While I was emailing my Orange County contacts, Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach was calling Fleischman to tell him that he'd "decided to explore a run for the 45th Congressional District seat."

Moorlach hasn't represented any part of this district in his entire time as supervisor. That isn't usually a big deal for voters, many of whom have no idea who their supervisor is.

Fleischman also links to a poll of the district race. The poll includes an option with Ed Royce, the congressman from a nearby district. Royce isn't running in this district. He's running in CA-39. He's already endorsed Mimi Walters in the race.

The polls show that Walters could do well, but the GOP has a lock on the district. The district does have a 16% Republican registration advantage. So that's understandable. And no, Gary Miller isn't running here, despite the rumors.

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