Friday, July 12, 2013

This Week in California CA-17, 31, and 41

Freshman congressman Mark Takano has done little to get noticed, but decided he would this week, grading a letter drafting by Republicans. It's quite arrogant to grade someone else's work when that isn't your job. Yes, this'll get him on MSNBC and people at dailykos will notice him, but treating your colleagues, elected same as you, with condescension and scorn does only helps sink the bill. From his remarks, his objective appears to be the opposite. Of course, Takano commits some of the same errors he accuses the authors of doing. He supplies his own hyperbole and opinions in response.

California Senator Dianne Feinstein endorsed Redlands Mayor Pete Aguilar for CA-31. This isn't much of a surprise, since the establishment in Washington is behind Aguilar. Aguilar raised $300k in the 2nd quarter. Fellow Democrat Eloise Gomez Reyes raised $200k. No word yet on former Congressman Joe Baca, a Democratic rival, or Congressman Gary Miller, a Republican. Aguilar raising a decent chunk of money is nice, but his opponents have too. That's going to make it tough, especially when you consider he spent the second most money last year, but finished third.

Democrat Ro Khanna raised an astounding $1 million in Q2 in his bid to unseat fellow Democrat Mike Honda. Honda raised $345k, a good amount, but it pales in comparison to Khanna.

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