Thursday, October 11, 2012

CA-30: What's Howard putting in the water?

Howard Berman is racking up Republican endorsements:
Buck McKeon:
Republicans in Congress know that Howard Berman is one of the few Democrats we can partner with to advance bipartisan, commonsense legislation to deliver meaningful results for all of our constituents.
I don't get it. I've met Buck McKeon. Unless Howard Berman commits to reversing the defense cuts, Buck isn't going to be interested in weighing in.
The list:
Reps. David Dreier, Wally Herger, Dan Lungren, Elton Gallegly, Buck McKeon, Ed Royce, Jerry Lewis, Ken Calvert, Mary Bono Mack and Darrell Issa.
Interesting list. It has four retiring Republicans, three in safe seats, two in competitive seats, and one in a seat that's safe but Democrats fantasize is competitive. Berman is well known for his relationships on the Hill. So I can see retiring Republicans doing a favor for a friend.

But what about Dan Lungren? Why is Dan Lungren endorsing him? If I were Dan, I'd want an endorsement back from Howard, something that Berman can't give.

Of course endorsements on a web page don't win votes. Berman needs to use these endorsements to convince Republicans and right leaning independents to vote for him.

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