Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CA-2: Poll

One of the next districts I'll address is CA-2. Democrat Jared Huffman is out with a new poll. I'm not going to disagree that Huffman is likely leading the Democrats. What I have a problem is that the poll shows 45% of the vote going to Democrats and 10% to Republicans. This district is heavily Democratic, certainly, but Jerry Brown won the district 63%-30%. You'd think it'd be 45%D/21%R or 37%D/18%R if it's 55% of the vote. Either Republicans are disproportionally undecided or they didn't bother to poll many Republicans. Just as with CA-30, I'm sure Democrats will claim that Republicans are voting strategically and going for Huffman. People haven't done this in Washington state and it's difficult to believe that Californians will do it here.

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