Thursday, April 5, 2012

CA-1: It'll get ugly

But then doesn't it always in politics? This district consists mostly of retiring congressman Wally Herger's current district. A number of candidates have swarmed into the race, which will be won by a Republican in November. Still, there are plenty enough Democrats in the district for Democrat Jim Reed to advance to November. He'll likely get the most votes in the June primary.

So the real mystery of the primary is who Reed will lose to face in November. Former State Senator Sam Aanestad is running against current State Senator Doug LaMalfa. There are other candidates in the race, but none is expected to take enough votes to matter. The Redding Searchlight is the best source on this race. He's called Anestad out on his statement on the oil available in the U.S.

LaMalfa is setting himself up very well to get elected. He's a fierce critic of the bullet train. That's a great issue to champion, since Republicans greatly oppose the train project. Of course, electing him to congress will make him less involved with the train project, since it's a state matter. It's not like he'll need to stop John Boehner from putting federal funds in.

LaMalfa, however, has come under fire for his family receiving federal farm subsidies. And not a small amount either. He's received $4.7 million over the last 15 years. His opponents want him to give the money back to the Federal government. He declined. You won't find many Republicans who'll support that stance. He gives some excuses, but those won't go over with small government advocates. I don't care if it is government regulations that are hurting you. Subsidies are subsidies. No one is guaranteed a business. This issue won't go away. Conservative blogger Aaron Park has gone on the attack against LaMalfa over ties to people who aren't conservative enough.

LaMalfa has racked up a lot of endorsements. Sam Aanestad is supported by conservative congressman Tom McClintock, who represents a nearby district. McClintock is certainly known for his conservative stances, but that's just one endorsement.

Look for the other candidates to keep taking shots at LaMalfa. I still see him as the likely primary runner up and a congressman next January.

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