Saturday, February 25, 2012

Congressional notes from the CRP convention

There are three congressional candidates pushing themselves here:

Virginia Fuller is running in the 11th district against George Miller. He probably won't notice. Xanthi Gionis is running in CA-51, the new Hispanic district in San Diego. Jerry Brown won this district 58%-31%, which in California isn't one of 15 most Democratic. She isn't winning it either.

John MacDonald is running in a district that he could win. He's the only one who has a table and his daughter is manning it. He's raised $52,550 and Ricky Gill is probably over $1 million now. So I doubt he makes November.

According to someone in state party leadership, the NRCC has 10 districts on it's target list. There are 4 Democratic incumbent seats (CA-3, 9, 16, 24), 4 Republican seats (CA-7, 10, 31, and 52), and two open seats (CA-21 and 26). I don't know if the NRCC sees CA-41 and 47 as not winnable, as they are more Democratic than any above. They are open, however, and the Democrats are hardly unbeatable. I assume they see CA-36 as safe.

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