Thursday, May 22, 2014

PPIC Gubernatorial Poll

The Public Policy Institute is out with a new poll. The poll has a lot of questions and only one is relevant to the 2014 primary election. Those questions can influence the gubernatorial horse race question. Like SurveyUSA, PPIC has chosen to poll only three candidates, Jerry Brown, Tim Donnelly, and Neel Kashkari. Kashkari trails Donnelly 15%-10%. On the surface this would seem good for Kashkari, as it's the closest he's been to Donnelly. Like on the SurveyUSA poll, he's the only Republican alternative to Donnelly. Unfortunately for Kashkari, there'll be 4 other Republican names on the ballot. He trailed all of them in the last Field poll. We have no idea if Kashkari is consolidating support or if the support will continue to be diluted. That 10% may be for all non-Donnelly candidates. What has to be disappointing to Kashkari is that Jerry Brown is pulling in 13% of the Republican vote. Those are voters that would be more likely to vote for Kashkari in a Republican only primary. He needs those voters to finish top two.

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