Friday, May 2, 2014

CA-Gov: Kashkari misfires again

Neel Kashkari is out with a website to attack his Republican rival Tim Donnelly. It's another misfire by Kashkari that follows a series of misfires. Donnelly's support is largely from people the assemblyman has worked hard to cultivate, hardcore conservatives and Tea Party types. They are going to be difficult to peel off, but even if Kashkari manages to do so, there's no guarantee he picks up their support. As recent polls have shown, Kashkari isn't perceived as the alternative to Donnelly. He's one of many. If he's able to get people to walk away from Donnelly, they could easily support Winston or Champ.

If Kashkari is going to make top two he needs to grab the people who don't want to vote for Donnelly or a Democrat/Green/P&F. In the most recent poll that was nearly 30% of the overall vote. He needs to win votes by letting people know he's a good candidate. All evidence suggests he isn't.

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