Tuesday, May 13, 2014

CA-17: More on the VanLandingham-Khanna Connection

After more research by the Mike Honda campaign and the Ibabuzz.com, it appears the connection between Democrat Ro Khanna's supporters and the people who got Republican Joel VanLandingham on the ballot run deeper than originally thought. Khanna's campaign make pathetic denials about the connection and don't address any of the evidence.

I'm inclined to believe VanLandingham that he wasn't aware of the connection between the people who got him on the ballot and Ro Khanna. What I'm not inclined to believe is that VanLandingham doesn't believe the evidence presented to him. He clearly wants to run so badly that he'll do it any way possible. VanLandingham has been Republican for years and seems genuine in his beliefs. He doesn't seem to care that his candidacy is a negative for Republicans and that he's a Democratic tool. I apologize if my January post played any part in this fiasco.

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