Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Toyota Leaving California

We had the stunning announcement yesterday that Toyota, long a California fixture, is moving from Torrence to Texas. This follows Occidental Petroleum making a similar move.

For years, Republicans have said that the tax and regulatory environment in California drive business away, citing numerous examples. And for years Democrats have insisted that wasn't the case, citing studies showing that the number of businesses incorporated in California wasn't dropping. Yes, the Democratic argument was apples and oranges, but it was all they had.

Democrats currently hold three assembly seats won by Meg Whitman. AD-36 and 65 are considered to be likely losses, but AD-66, centered in Torrence, was considered to be one Democrats could hold. While no one directly can tie first-term Democratic Assembly member Al Muratsuchi to the loss, this is going to give David Hadley, his Republican opponent, a huge campaign issue. People vote jobs and it'll be easy to associate Toyota leaving with the Democratic 2/3 majority in Sacramento. Republican David Hadley is on it.

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