Monday, April 21, 2014

CA-4: Tom McClintock's Republican Challenge

The New York Times doesn't usually spend a lot of time on Republicans, let alone ones in California. They've taken notice of Art Moore's decision to challenge conservative incumbent congressman Tom McClintock. I'm truly amazed at the level of vitriol from conservatives at the idea that a Republican would dare to challenge Tom McClintock. it's a double standard they have. They mount primary challenges to Republicans they think are too liberal but don't think a more moderate Republican should fight back. If people want the conservative, they'll vote for him. They think the electorate is conservative, so they have nothing to be afraid of.

Actually I'm not sure Moore makes top two. In 2012, McClintock won the primary 65%-35% against a non-spending Democrat. If independent Jeff Gerlach takes the Democratic vote, Moore is sunk. There's no way he'll get enough Republican votes to top 35$. While Gerlach is spending no money, there are a lot of Democrats who won't vote Republican under any circumstances. Moore needs Gerlach to get under 25% for him to have a shot at top two.

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