Friday, April 11, 2014

Field Poll for Secretary of State

Aside from the gubernatorial race, Field also polled the Secretary of State race. The poll was conducted over 2.5 weeks, before and after Leland Yee's arrest and subsequent withdrawal. They dropped Yee from the poll when he dropped out. His name will still be on the ballot, however.

With Yee:
Peterson 27%
Padilla 10%
Yee 8%
Curtis 4%
Schnur 4%
Crossman 2%

Without Yee:
Peterson 30%
Padilla 17%
Curtis 5%
Schnur 4%
Crossman 3%

What's interesting here is that Schnur, Republican turned NPP, is getting no Republican votes. Peterson will fly into top two without doing anything. I'm surprised Padilla isn't doing better. His only listed Democratic competition when Yee is dropped is Derek Crossman, but Crossman isn't getting votes. Padilla actually has higher approvals with Democrats than Peterson does with Republicans and has a higher approval with NPP. The poll has more Democrats than Republicans but Padilla doesn't come close to Peterson in the poll. There are two other candidates in the race, a Republican and a Democrat, so this poll covers almost everyone. My conclusion from this poll is that Peterson will top 40% and Padilla will get close to that and they'll face off in November.

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