Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CA-33 Fundraising Update

Lily Gilani and Kevin Mottus, two of the three Republicans in the race, submitted their 3/31 reports and they report no fundraising. I'm surprised. While Mottus looks like a batty candidate on his website, Gilani comes across as a competent one on hers. She does have a donate button. At the bottom it lists two people who have donated. I have no idea if they are the only two. Both are since 3/31. I'm guessing that you can raise some money, but if it's under a few thousand dollars you don't have to report it. If neither of them do anything, Elan Carr is a shoe-in to finish first in top two.

That leaves one other spot. There are five Democrats spending huge amounts of money and the Democratic vote percentage will likely be somewhere from 43-50%, depending on how strong Marianne Williamson is and how many votes she takes from them. She's been on TV, has raised a lot of money, and has strong support from people outside the traditional Democratic voting base. I'm projecting right now that she finishes in second place. That'd mean a shut out for Democrats in a district that includes progressives strongholds like Santa Monica and Venice. It'd be a huge black eye.

Could Carr beat Williamson in November? Probably not, although I'd want to see how the primary plays before saying no. I do know that Carr can't beat a Democrat.

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