Monday, October 10, 2016

A Democratic Wave?

Poll after poll showed that all those people warning that Republicans would stay home due to Trump were wrong. Loyal Republicans voters will vote, maybe not for Trump. Any candidate who can’t turn their voters doesn’t deserve re-election anyway.

The one thing that could sink the GOP was turning off Trump voters. Some of them weren’t long time supporters of the Republican party and others express a lot of animosity toward Republican office holders. Unlike the loyal Republican voter these people are largely non-ideological, except on immigration, or even lean left. Trump isn’t running on small government. He’s running on big government for his supporters.

Republicans thought they were being smart turning on Trump over the weekend. It now appears to be a huge blunder. Sure, repudiating Trump was the moral thing to do, but it looks like it wasn’t the smart thing to do electorally.

If Trump doesn’t tell his supporters to vote Republican down ticket we could be seeing the Democratic wave I've repeatedly said couldn't happen. But then did anyone see the potential for voters to abandon Republicans because they didn't support Trump enough?

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