Monday, September 15, 2014

Republicans don't have a women problem

I constantly hear about how the Republican party doesn't appeal to women and that the GOP does awful with them. This is false.

In 2008 John McCain won white women 53%-46%. That's R+7. Mitt Romney won them 56%-42%. That's R+9. Montana was R+9 in the 2012 Presidential race. No one is claiming that's a problem. The GOP is killing it with white women. There are some subcategories of white women Republicans aren't winning, but that's also a function of the GOP struggling with single people or non-Christians, not women. Yes, Republicans do better with white men than white women, but you have do do better with someone.

Yet the GOP lose women overall because the party gets killed with minority women to the point where Democrats win women overall. The Republican party's problems appealing to minority women is a problem appealing to minorities, both women and men, not a problem appealing to women.

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