Thursday, September 25, 2014

CA-10: Eggman's internal has him down 8

CA-10 is one of the three California districts held by Republicans that Barack Obama won in 2012. That makes it a prime pick-up opportunity for Democrats. They failed to get a top quality recruit, however, and ended up with beekeeper Michael Eggman. Democrats have tried to push him as a strong challenger, even producing a poll showing that a Democrat would beat incumbent Republican Jeff Denham. Any thought that the district could be competitive was dismissed when Denham got 59% of the vote in the primary.

Eggman's campaign has produced a poll showing their candidate down 8 points. I suppose when your opponent won the primary by 18%, being down 8 doesn't look so bad. The problem is that we're less than six weeks from election day and 8 points down won't cut it. He needs to be down 4-5 at most to generate any interest in the race. This isn't enough to get anyone behind him. I'm guessing an independent pollster will have Denham up comfortably by double digits.

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