Thursday, September 11, 2014

More Polls

When the Field poll showed Republican Ashley Swearengin getting killed in the California controller race, Swearengin pointed to two polls, one internal and one from Gravis Marketing that showed her tied or ahead. There are two problems with her response. First, internal polls can say what you want and Gravis is a firm with a definite Republican lean. The polls were both done in late July, a month before the Field poll. That's less of a concern because there hasn't been anything that's happened in the last month to change things in the race. I understand Swearengin trying to change the narrative and using what she had, but it shouldn't convince anyone that she's in a tight race. I'll wait for more polling.

SurveyUSA did a poll for the CA-21 congressional race. I have some issues with SurveyUSA, they allow far too many people in their polls that won't vote, but David Valadao's 19% lead is about what one would expect after Valadao's 26% win in the primary. Don't expect this one to be competitive.

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