Friday, September 28, 2012

CA-30: Sherman attempts to hand election to Berman

Earlier this week, an independent poll came out showing Brad Sherman with a 13 point lead. Howard Berman had no real path to victory, as Sherman was winning every demographic group as well as Republicans, Democrats, and independents.

Brad Sherman has handed Howard Berman a gift, calling for a blanket amnesty of the undocumented, which not only will anger Republicans, but working class Democrats who see the undocumented as stealing their jobs. I'm not aware of anyone else who is calling for everyone here illegally to be legalized, let alone unionized. Go Brad.

The date on the link suggests Sherman did this two weeks ago. Since that was before the poll came out one might assume that it's no big deal. Well, the reason I found out about is that two very influential San Fernando Valley Republicans, both publicly natural, were sharing the link on Facebook and talking about defeating Brad Sherman. Republicans will read about it and share it. It'd one thing to support the Dream Act, which is limited to people under 30 who came here before age 16 and have either completed college or the military, and calling for a work permit for people who slipped across the boarder yesterday.

Can Howard Berman exploit this?

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