Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pete Stark is a raving madman

Okay, that's not exactly news. We've seen it for years. Now he's accusing someone on the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board of donating to his Democratic opponent, Eric Swalwell. He accused the Chronicle's conservative columnist! Of course he had no proof. Being Pete Stark means you never have to worry about stupid things like that.

Normally he wouldn't have a lot to worry about. He could win a Democratic primary and knock off any Republican opponent. Now he's in a situation where his November race is almost certainly going to be against a fellow Democrat. CA-15 is 48.32% Democratic and 23.55% Republican. While that's not enough Republicans to help a Republican win, it is enough to significantly impact the race. Swalwell needs to win a good share of Democrats who feel that Stark is too old and an embarrassment and then snag most of the Republicans and independents. He won't even need to move right to sell Republicans. He just needs a mailer, "I'm not Pete Stark. Vote for me." That's a great pitch.

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