Thursday, May 17, 2012

CA-51: There's Something to Watch

CA-51 should be slightly more interesting on June 5. Only slightly. This is a new heavily Democratic Hispanic district that stretches from Imperial County into South San Diego county. Any district that we know which party will win in November doesn’t warrant a lot of attention.

The district does have two strong Hispanic Democrats, ex-state assemblyman Juan Vargas and ex-state senator Denise Ducheny. Ducheny is considered the more progressive choice. The district is 50% Democratic and 22% Republican. In 2010 Democratic candidates beat Republican candidates 63%-37%. If there were a Republican candidate that stood out, he or she would be certain to finish top two. There are three Republicans in the race, who’ve reported $354 raised between the three of them. Xanthi Gionis has the state party endorsement but if that’s the only thing that separates her from Michael Crimmins and Bernard Portley. If they split the vote, Vargas and Ducheny will both finish top two. If not, then the real race to see who’ll be the next rep is June 5.

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