Tuesday, May 22, 2012

CA-31: Insert Justin Kim's name here

For entertainment purposes, no race tops the CA-2 race, where each candidate is trying to be more in favor of illegal drugs. CA-31, however, is working hard. Congressman Gary Miller is the incumbent here, event though he doesn't actually currently represent any of the constituents. It's not like Miller is traveling far. He currently represents Chino, Diamond Bar, and parts of northern Orange County. His district is 7-10 miles south. In most states the two areas would be in the same district, but not in densely populated Southern California. All that's to say that Gary Miller lives just outside the district, just as Democrat Blong Xiong does in CA-21.

Miller mistakenly posted the outtakes from a video session. Before he could take it down, Democrat Pete Aguilar seized it and edited it with his own commentary. There really isn't anything negative on the video. So the Miller campaign has decided to embrace it. Kinda takes the wind out of their sails.

This is one of three districts, along with CA-26 and CA-52, where there might be more than one candidate on each side getting some serious votes. State senator Bob Dutton represents this area. Attorney Justin Kim has emerged as a possible threat to Aguilar. Both are underdogs. I have a gut feeling, however, that this isn't going to be as simple as the favorites both advancing. Maybe it'll be Kim. Maybe it'll be Dutton.

Yes, I'm having some fun with the title of the post, but I got my highest 2012 one day view total the last time his name was in the title.

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