Friday, December 9, 2016

The Recount Was Poorly Conceived

The Presidential recount is almost over. Wisconsin will finish counting Monday or Tuesday with little change in the result. The Michigan recount has been halted and there might not be any more counting in Pennsylvania either. What makes this crazy was that Stein should've never filed for a recount. Even Stein had to know that a recount would only change at most a few hundred votes. From looking at Twitter and Facebook people who donated thought the recounts would show Clinton won the three states.

What Stein really (should have?) wanted was an examination of the voting machines to see if they'd been compromised. She did actually request this in Pennsylvania but was denied access because she couldn't show evidence the machines were tampered with. I think she did ask in Pennsylvania but since she could provide no evidence the machines had been tampered with she never got access. Stein's contention is that she'd only get evidence by getting access to the machines. When the police want to do a search they have to present probable cause to a judge to prove that the search will produce something illegal. Stein didn't feel she should be held to that standard. She was.

I'm not going to say this was a scam but anyone who understands elections knew the whole process would be a waste of time. Sadly, Stein's supporters won't be satisfied with what's happened. All this recount has done is lower confidence in American democracy.

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