Saturday, December 3, 2016

House of Representatives Vote Update

Since the state websites haven't been updating I went county by county in New York and California and found roughly 235k votes. There's probably no more than 65k votes left in all of California, most in Sacramento and Lake counties. California has added 5.1 million votes since election day, so that'a small amount. Some people complain about how slow California counts but there are still more than 20 other states that haven't published their official results. Some states, e.g. New Jersey and Missouri, haven't updated their website since election day, while others, e.g. Illinois and Massachusetts, don't even have the vote on their website. So I'm fine with California's consistent updates.

Right now Republicans are leading the two party vote 50.8%-49.2%, a lead of 1,965,550. That's healthy but not quite the 52% the GOP had at the end of election night. Democrats should still get a bunch of votes once Massachusetts publishes their final vote, as they have four unopposed Democrats whom I only have partial vote totals. I think the final vote will end up being 50.7%-49.3%, with Republicans having 1.75 million more votes.

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