Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Peter Thiel for governor?

Politico has a story that some within the CAGOP want Peter Thiel to run for governor. Thiel's spokesman denied interest, but that shouldn't stop us.

There are pros and cons here for Republicans. Thiel would definitely make top two. This year a few underfunded Republicans ran for Senate and none made top two. Republicans did poorly this year. I don't know how much of that can be attributed to having no senate candidate but it certainly didn't help. Thiel is very well known and an outsider, something that helped the Schwarzenegger get elected. Being a traditonal Republican hasn't worked well here. Thiel also wouldn't require party money and the CAGOP doesn't have a ton of that. They'd prefer to spend it on elections they can win. Thiel is LGBT. That can help Republicans with the perception that they are anti-LGBT.

On the other hand, Thiel has received a lot of hatred for his support of Trump and likely has high disapproval ratings. Thiel would also tie the CAGOP to Trump. Based on Trump's performance here that doesn't look like a good idea. Sue, just being a Republican is unpopular in California but being a Trump supporter is more unpopular.

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