Friday, November 14, 2014

CA-16: Costa takes insurmountable lead

Republicans will got 0-8 in congressional races decide by 6% or less. Until today Jim Costa was getting 63.6% of the vote in Fresno and CA-16 was 23.6% of the votes. Today Costa took 72.1% of the votes and CA-16 was 66.9% of the votes. I've been watching post-election day votes for several cycles and I've never seen it where a district that's so small has most of the votes in a post-election day count. I can't fathom how CA-22, which is about 60% of Fresno county only had 11% of the ballots today. At this rate, Costa will win by about 5,000 votes. In California you can determine how many votes Democrats need and sure enough they get that many and more.

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