Thursday, November 6, 2014

2014 House of Representatives vote

I'm once again tracking the House vote here.

Right now the two party vote is 54.3%-45.7% Republican. In 2012, the vote was 50.6%-49.4% Democratic. Based on who usually votes in a mid-term election, the GOP should've gotten around 50.5% of the vote. In 2010, Republicans got 53.4% of the vote. So, yes, this was a wave, a big wave. The final vote may move toward one party or the other.

I got the election information from state websites, if they had it. You'd be surprised how many states don't have election results on their site. Some direct you to the counties. Yuck. In those cases, I got the vote totals from CNN. If you have any suggestions on easy places to get the votes, I'd welcome them and if you see anything inaccurate, let me know.

If there was a clear winner, I put that candidate in the winner column. If it's still up in the air, I left the incumbent, even if he or she is trailing.

There are 15 races where I don't have vote totals because the candidate was unopposed and the states don't list those totals. I eventually got every candidate's totals votes in 2012, except those in Florida. So I'm hopeful there. These races are split 8-7 between the parties, so they likely don't impact the totals much. Republicans didn't have a candidate in 36 races, the Democrats 31. So the Democrats benefitted a little in this area.

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