Thursday, February 6, 2014

CA-33: A Trap for Democrats

Attorney Barbara Mulvaney has become the third Democrat to join the CA-33 race that also includes to left leaning independents author Marianne Williamson and TV produce Brent Roske. Because there are so many Westside Los Angeles Democrats who've been waiting so long for a House seat to open up, you can expect even more Democratic candidates to enter. This has all the makings of a Top Two trap. As I mentioned earlier, this is a district that Republicans/right leaning independents will get around 45% of the June vote. In 2012 NPP Bill Bloomfield got 25% to Republican Chris David's 15%. Libertarian Steve Collett also got 4%. If Bloomfield and a Republican, any Republican, are in the race, you can expect similar results. If too many Democrats get in the race their vote could be splintered allowing Bloomfield and a Republican to finish top two. Candidates may come in or drop out before the March 12 filing deadline but this race should be watched for how many come in on each side.

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