Tuesday, February 18, 2014

CA-31 and 35: Gloria Negrete McLeod will run for county supervisor

Blogger Scott Lay is reporting that CA-35 congresswoman Gloria Negrete McLeod has made the decision to run for San Bernardino County supervisor instead of running for re-election to congress. IE Politics confirms this. Negrete McLeod was a state senator when she decided to run for this newly drawn seat. Incumbent congressman Joe Baca also decided to do so. They had a bitter campaign, with Negrete McLeod coming out on top. She's been in congress for a year and, apparently, has already decided to move on. This'll pit her against Republican assemblyman Curt Hagman. I don't know the dynamics of the district but Dianne Feinstein won it 58%-42% in 2012. Feinstein won the state 62.5%-37.5%, so the district probably will be competitive.

This may change the candidates for CA-31. While Joe Baca lives in CA-31 he chose to run in CA-35 last time because it contained more of his old district than CA-31 and because it was a much heavier Democratic district. With Negrete McLeod retiring he may seek to run in CA-35. That'd alleviate the logjam and make it less likely two Republicans would finish top two. Speculation is that state senator Norma Torres would run if Negrete McLeod retired. Torres ran for Negrete McLeod's senate seat when she vacated it last year.

Edit: Joe Baca will stay in the CA-31 race. Thus, the Democratic vote may be spread out enough that the two Republicans finish Top Two.

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