Sunday, February 16, 2014

CA-33: Matt Miller to run for Waxman seat

Matt Miller host of KCRW-FM "Left, Right & Center" and a former Clinton aide, announced he's running for CA-33. Miller has a tough slog here because Wendy Greuel and Ted Lieu are well-known, prolific fundraisers who've racked up endorsements. On the other hand, Miller has literally created a brand for himself as a centrist. Miller is the 5th Democrat, and third well known one, to get in.

As I've mentioned before, this district isn't as Democratic as people think it is. A large Democratic field like this will result in the Democratic vote being spread out among each. Right now Elan Carr is the only Republican running. If we get a 2nd Republican, and only two Republicans, it's possible both will get around 20% of the vote. A replay of CA-31 2012 here is a real possibility.

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