Thursday, February 6, 2014

CA-26: Will the GOP get behind Jeff Gorell?

The NRCC has used Harper polling to poll 4 districts, including CA-26. CA-26 was the only one they used a head-to head horserace question, the only real way to poll, and they had Jeff Gorell leading Julia Brownley 44%-42%. This is significant for two reasons. First, CA-26 is regarded as a second tier opportunity. The assumption has been that Republicans would go hard after Ami Bera in CA-7, Raul Ruiz in CA-36, and Scott Peters in CA-52. So maybe the race will be closer than some think. Secondly, This may indicate that national Republicans are taking this race seriously and may put money and resources behind Gorell.

Because June primaries have elevated Republican turnout, Gorell is almost certain to beat Brownley then if they are the only two candidates. That may lead people to believe Gorell is stronger than he actually is. And that may lead to a lot of outside investment supporting him.

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