Tuesday, May 21, 2013

LA Mayor: It's Gruel v. Garcetti

We are about to conclude a poor mayoral campaign with a low turn-out election. I can't think of a better capper. Wendy Gruel came out with a mailer a few weeks ago blasting Garcetti for getting the endorsement of 3rd place finisher Kevin James. James is a Republican and has been very critical of Barack Obama in the past and she emphasized that. Eric Garcetti, perhaps thinking he's gotten the Republican vote wrapped up, unearthed the Jan Perry primary attack on Wendy Gruel this weekend. She was a Republican until 1992 and he alleges that she support the "Pete Wilson supported Prop 187." She claims to oppose it. At least Garcetti was smart enough not to mail this allegation to Republican households.

The latest controversy has stemmed from a Gruel Hispanic PAC that claims Wendy Gruel would raise the LA city minimum wage to $15 an hour. The mayor can't actually do that him or herself and Gruel has denied she supports that. Garcetti is blasting her for this. This election has the maturity of 5 year olds on the playground.

I talked with a couple of Democratic friends about the election. Neither was enthusiastic. One told me he didn't like the candidates. I said that they both were good Democrats like him. He replied, "That doesn't matter much with mayor. I want someone who can do the job and I don't think either of them can."

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