Wednesday, May 29, 2013

CA-31 Fun

I'm very fortunate to have such a fun congressional district so close to me! Former rep. Joe Baca has been under a lot of fire in his race to return to congress. At first he was going to seek a rematch with his rival rep. Gloria Negrete-McLeod in CA-35. This made Democrats upset since all they'd do is suck money and volunteers into a race that a Democrat would win either way. Joe Baca ran against her last time, instead of running in CA-31, which contained more of his old district and was where he lived.

So this time he decided to be a good soldier and run in CA-31. Is everyone happy? Nope. In the interim the DCCC recruited Redlands mayor Pete Aguilar. Joe knew Aguilar was running, but who would you rather have, and experienced congressman who knows how to win elections or the guy who had the ignominy of not making top two in 2012? Apparently, the DCCC made their decision and so did 12 California Democratic congressmen.

Undaunted, Joe Baca released his endorsement list, a pretty long one. Then House Assistant Minority Leader claimed he never endorsed Baca. What? Joe responded with "you sure did." Rep. Terri A. Sewell, D-Ala., noticed her name on the list and decided she didn't endorse Joe either. So what's Joe gonna do now? He's releasing the actual paper these congressmen signed. See? You endorsed me! What's next? Are these guys going to say they thought they were just ordering dinner?


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