Thursday, March 28, 2013

Garcetti Leads Gruel in LA Mayoral Race

SurveyUSA has an Los Angeles mayoral poll out, with Eric Garcetti enjoying a 7 point lead over Wendy Gruel. Despite the low number of undecideds I think the lead is volatile. The primary was only 3 weeks ago. So many voters chose someone else and voted against these two candidates very recently. That's awfully fresh. The candidates also don't have a lot to differentiate themselves from each other. So it's possible that any new factor could sway people. Personally, I can't see anything attractive about either of them. I suppose I could be swayed.

Mike Feuer looks goo for city attorney, unseating incumbent Carmen Trutanich. Trutanich destroyed his popularity last year. He ran for city attorney saying that he'd complete two terms before running for another office. He ran for district attorney, attorney for all of LA county, last year. That broke his pledge and he didn't even finish top two. Now he'll lose re-election, freeing him to run for any office he chooses.

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